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MV Agusta will be held across the country authorized dealers to "MV AGUSTA monitor price campaign" July 1, 2016 (Friday) to December 31 (Saturday). And "Turismo Veloce 800 LUSSO" the two models of "Stradale 800", a campaign for a limited time you can purchase the monitor price.

According to this automotive blog, MV AGUSTA Japan, Regarding the period of July 1 to December 31, 2016, we will implement the "TURISMO VELOCE 800 LUSSO" was intended for "STRADALE 800", "MV AGUSTA monitor price campaign." The tourer two models of high-quality and elegant MV AGUSTA, is a Limited Time Offer available for purchase in the monitor price. The cooperation of Tekunoiru Japon KK like, "MV AGUSTA care" We are also very rich.

MV AGUSTA's first appeared in TURISMO VELOCE as tourer (Turismo Veloce), STRADALE (Stradale), the latest three-cylinder engine that combines easy to handle outstanding performance of a dedicated chassis, model the electronic control mechanism has been balanced at a high level . "LUSSO" is a model equipped with the only electronic control suspension in the series.

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