Mahardroid - Smartphone upload

by John Savage

What is MaharaDroid?

MaharaDroid is a great feature that enables Android phone users to upload images, video's or audio files straight to your MyBit site while you are out and about. For example, you could take a picture or video on your phone and then instantly upload it and share it on your profile.

Don't worry, it is quite simple to do! 

 How to set up MaharaDroid on your Android phone.

The set up of MaharaDroid needs to be done in two places. On your phone and within your MyBit profile. We will start in your MyBit profile. 

On your MyBit dashboard select on the Settings icon. This will take you into your personal setting page. Now scoll down to the bottom of the page and you eill see the section General account option. You should then see an option for Mobile upload token. In this box you can type in anything you like but it is recommended to keep it simply such as your surname or something. This will later be needed to connect your phone to your profile.  


token box

Once you have finished, you will now need to download the MaharaDroid app on your phone.  Just as you would with any other app, simply select on your Android Market Place and search for Mahara. There is only one app available so you shouldn't have any problems finding it.

Once you have downloaded and installed  the app, you will be taken into the applications home page. This is where you can upload and share your files. However before you can do this, you will need to change a few of the settings so that it synchronises to your Blog Book profile.

To do this you will need to select on the preferences option. The location of this option my vary due to the type of Android phone you have but it is generally found at the bottom of the screen. In here you will be presented with a range of settings. 



Preferences and Settings

No matter what Android phone you have, this will be the screen you will see. It is important that you input the following information carefully.

In the Upload URI section you will need to add in the following URL This will allow you to connect to the Blog Book site from your phone.

Your Username will be your Blog Book username not your actually name, so for example it might be sju 004.

The Token section is where you type in the token name that you selected in your Blog Book settings. This will enable you to securely upload files into your profile. When you do an upload the token name will change to a seris of letters and numbers. Don't worry, this is for security reasons and can be reset  in your settings if you encounter any problems.

The Upload Folder is a folder that is created in the File section of your Blog Book profile. It is recommended to keep the default folder of MobileUploads but you can change the name if you wish.

Finally the Artefact Tags option is a function where you can create a tag to each upload so you can easily find it in your profile.






Time to start sharing

Congratulations! You have now completed the set up of MaharaDroid. This means that your mobile phone is connected to your Blog Book profile. Now you can start the fun bit and start uploading and sharing files from your mobile phone.

When you take a picture or video you will get a option on your phone to share it. Once again this will depend on the Android phone you. You will be presented with a list of options on how you want to share it. One of the options is the app MaharaDroid. When selected you will be taken to Artefact Settings. This is where you can add a title, description and relevant tag to your file. Once completed, the file can be uploaded into your Blog Book file section or saved for a later date. It is as simply as that!

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