Printing and Photocopying Guidelines

by John Savage


If you wish to depart from these guidelines please seek advice from Peter Willmore the document controller in the printroom, in the first instance. Pete will always be happy to give advice on the best way to prepare a "job" for printing and can give excellent guidance in reducing unneccessary cost.


Documents for black and white printing

Text only documents
All Internally Facing text documents
All Power Point handouts, which also must be 3 or more slides per page
General copying from books/magazines
Pictures inserted in text for decorative purposes
General handouts with or without pictures/images
Documents with college logo only 
Double-sided as default

horse logo news  handouts


Where colour may be required

Colour coded charts and graphs
Signs i.e. warning, health and safety etc.
Diagrams where colour is essential, i.e. electrical wiring / hair colouring
Marketing materials/posters
Photographs where appropriate
Covers of courses books/materials

leaves Diploma map  chart


  • While these guidelines will be in operation in the reprographics printroom, they should also be adhered to for general printing and copying via MFD's.

  • Staff who have completed personal printing can pay for this at the cash till in the Learning Centre. This is charged at a rate of 2p per page of B&W and 10p per page of colour.

If you have any questions or need support or training in anyway, contact John Savage by email or tel. extn.7268.

You can feedback any comments using the "Place feedback" button at the bottom of the page. You must login to leave feedback.

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