Uploading Images & Video directly from your mobile device

by Irene Bailey

MaharaDroid is a free app that will enable you to upload image and video files from you android phone- straight to your MyBit/ My Files directory. The image and video files are then available for you to add to pages and share.

(If you are using an iphone mobile, follow the instructions for using Portfolio Up)

Don't worry, it is quite simple to do! 







1 Add your details to the MaharaDroid prefrences on your mobile device

   On your mobile device ; open the MaharaDroid app and go to Prefrences :

  • URL - edit the first part of the URL so it contains the mybit link (you can leave the rest as it is)  http://mybit.southamptoncity.ac.uk/artefact/file/mobileupload.php 
  • Username - your CityBit username, usually your student ID
  • Token - any word to use as an initial password eg your surname  This will be automatically changed on each upload so you only need to enter it once. This token will need to be added to your settings in MyBit (see below)

 2. Add your mobile upload token to MyBit Settings

   Open Mybit and select  the settings icon.                  



Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the  General account options. You should then see an option for Mobile upload token. In this box add the same token word that you entered into the Mahara Droid prefrences on your mobile device (see above) .

Congratulations! You have now completed the set up of MaharaDroid. This means that your mobile phone is connected to your Mybit profile. Now you can start the fun bit and start uploading and sharing files from your mobile phone.

When you take a picture or video you will get a option on your phone to share it. Once again this will depend on the Android phone you. You will be presented with a list of options on how you want to share it. One of the options is the app MaharaDroid. When selected you will be taken to Artefact Settings. This is where you can add a title to your file. Once completed, you can upload your file to your Mybit file section. If your are not in a Wifi spot you can save the file then upload it from MaharaDroid at a later date. 

MaharaDroid - screenshot

Your uploaded images and videos will appear in the My Files section of your Mybit e portfolio. You can add this content to a page if you want to share it with other users.

Cover art

The link above will take you to the Mahara Droid app in Google play. The page also includes a how to use video and instructions.

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