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by John Savage

Better World Books

Donation Book Boxes

These Book boxes  are available in the Watts and Austen buildings. Learning Centre staff will collect regularly and send to BetterWorld who then sort, pack and send those most needed to students in schools and colleges in East Africa.

Helping Literacy

Betterworld Books work with charities and organisations in the UK and across the world to promote literacy and the pleasure of reading. Just one book can change a life.

Helping the Planet

Never throw a book away. Let's give pre-loved books a new home, keep them out of landfill, conserve resources, and improve global literacy in the process

Their Story

From a small idea to movement with big impact, we're proud of our humble beginnings and desire to make a difference.


Better World books strive to create a business that lives up to your ideals as well as ours. Ten principles guide our every action.


There is a feedback button at the bottom of this page... let us know what you think.

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