by John Savage

This view shows where I went and what I got up to on holiday this summer.

a rough idea of the route we drove

a rough idea of the route we drove

We decided to spend 3 weeks on holiday camping in France. No real plans to start off with but didn't want to have to spend too long driving with the kids and  too much time packing up tents every day. We wanted a balance between enjoying time in one place and moving on to new and interesting locations. We had a rough idea to visit the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux and also maybe visit a friend of mine who now lives near Biarritz.


We spent a few nights travelling down through France and 4 nights at "Camping Petit Lion" just outside Gurat on the edge of the Dordogne. Next we spent 5 nights at "Camping L'Ilot in Cubjac, where they have a brilliant river beach, ideal for cooling off from the very high afternoon temperatures. The kids love swimming amongst the trout and spent hours trying in vane to catch them in their sand buckets.  From here we went to see the famous cave paintings at Lascaux 2 and visiting the beautiful town of Montingnac.

I got in touch with my mate Pauline down in Biarritz, not realising he lived in such grand style down there at his Chateau about 5kms outside Bayonne... We did stuff like swimming in his pool, exploring his forest and catching up and drinking late into the night before the journey home. It was great to meet up again after so long. I spent one day driving with my family around Biarritz itself and down to the border town of Saint-Jean-D'Luz....right next to Spain and very busy and touristy compared to where we'd been so far.

Just before we got the ferry back at Calais, I took my kids to see the grave of their great, great grandfather who died in December 1917 (rather tragically when you think about it as he had come through most of the bitter fighting of the war unharmed). His is the very last grave in a rather quiet little cemetery in Fampoux just outside Arras.

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