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by Irene Bailey

This page contains videos and handouts to help you create and share a Work Experience + Passport 

Students will need to log the hours spent on activites related to gaining work experience and developing employability skills and knowledge as part of the Study  Programme.

The MyBit Work Experience+ Passport will enable students to log how many hours of work related activites they have completed and reflect on the benefit of each activity. It is essential that all students log their hours through the Work Experience+ Passport as this will enable the College to capture, record and evidence of all the work engagement activites.

To use the passport sudents will need to log into MyBit and then

  • Create a new Work Experrience + Passport
  • Add activites to the Passport


You can play these videos to your students via the Smart Board

Flash animation
Flash animation

Please contact CityBit support  for help with using MyBit and the Work Experience+ Passport.

There is further information about the study programme on the Staff Intranet

This handout is a step by step guide to creating a Work Experience+ Passport in Mybit .

MyBit Tra...ce +.pdf

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If an activity you are organising does not fit into the drop down activities list in the Work Experience+ Passport, please contact Citybit support. Categories can easily be added to the list and it is important that we can report accurately on the type of activity that students are taking part in.

Teachers will need to verify the hours entered by students. A student's Work Experience+ entries can be viewed and verified via the Dashboard (from the student profile, select the WEP tab):

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